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Shopvouge Skin Lift Pro helps to remove wrinkles, Skin Pigmentation, blemishes, pore size reduction, reduction of dark spots, and increasing skin elasticity.

  • EMS and LED light therapy has been a proven technology and used by many celebrities like Kim Kardashain to keep their skin young and glowing. Same devices are being used by Beauty Clinics and at Hospitals.
  • Red Light: Wavelength: 620nm. Promote collagen regeneration, skin elasticity, fit for wrinkles for relaxation skin.
  • Green Light: Wavelength 540nm. Used for the treatment of dark spots.
  • Blue Light: Wavelength: 415nm. Inflammatory sedation shrinks pores suitable for acne or oily skin.
  • Pink Flashing: Wavelength: 700nm. Increase absorption of the beauty liquid or gel, skin whiter
  • Pink Light: Wavelength: 700nm. Whitening skin fit for dark skin complexion.
  • Yellow Light: Wavelength: 590nm. Brightens the complexion, the skin has a cleansed feeling, fit for spots and dull of drained look skin.

We recommend applying moisturizer on your skin before using this device for better results. You can use our #1 Anti-Wrinkle serum as well. Shopvouge Skin lift Pro device allows the delivery of active ingredients to deeper layers of skin to activate the skin cell, stimulating rejuvenation of collagen

Try out this wonderful device and give new life to your skin. We offer 90 days money back guarantee. Checkout our customer experience who decided to try our product for wrinkle free skin and they have seen unbelievable results.  .

Package Includes:
1X Main Machine
1X English Manual
1X Power line
1X Charging stand
Shopvouge Skin Lift Pro
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